There is only one God, who created all things (including us).  As our Creator, God has the right to rule over us. Thus, God has standards for man concerning what is right and wrong which He expects us to follow.


The created order around us proves the Creator’s existence. The death and decay seen in nature signals that something is terribly wrong between God and man. The world is under a curse.


The problem is that all men have broken God’s standards, thus rebelling against God’s authority.


The penalties for breaking God’s standards are physical death and then eternal separation from God.  This eternal separation will be like putting one’s hand in a fire and holding it there.


There is no way that any man alone can avoid this penalty. Man himself is utterly helpless.


Because of our helplessness, God (who is rich in mercy) actually became a man (Jesus) and walked among us.  He lived a perfect life and then paid the penalties Himself, substituting His own life and suffering torment and death in man’s place.  Jesus did this so that mankind can escape the penalty of our wrong-doing and have a relationship with God.  As proof of His payment of the penalty He rose again from the dead.


God Himself rescued man from eternal destruction, and offers this rescue as a free gift to whomever will trust Him alone for rescue, believing that Jesus rose from the grave and worshiping the God‑man as his God and Boss. A desire to obey His standards is evidence that a person truly believes in and worships Jesus.


Although we will all still die, we, like the God‑man, will be raised from the dead.


To learn more about our God and how to know Him personally, we suggest you read the Gospel of John in the New Testament.