Wineskin Weekend Workshops

Would you like to experience the joy and fellowship that comes from having church the way that the apostles taught us to do it? Then come to one of our workshops to learn how!

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We advocate classic, historic, orthodox Christian theology poured into the wineskin of New Testament church practice (apostolic teachings wrapped in apostolic traditions!).  

In these workshops, we focus not only on the biblical basis for all things house church but also on the practical how-to’s of it all. All of our teachers are leaders in local house churches and have years of experience.  

The topics we cover always include these basics:  celebrating the Lord’s Supper as a true fellowship meal (rehearsal dinner for the marriage banquet of the Lamb), participatory church meetings, elder-led congregational consensus and the role that New Testament church practice should play today (apostolic traditions).  

We can also do sessons on such topics as financing the work, handling heresy in house churches, modern apostles, key ingredients for starting a house church, the advantages of meeting in homes, church discipline, the importance of elders, the qualifications of elders, New Testament giving, all about baptism, New Covenant Theology, etc.

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