The Lord’s Supper: On-Line Seminary Course

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NTRF has collaborated with the Internet Biblical Seminary to produce an interactive on-line seminary class on the Lord’s Supper as an actual fellowship meal.  The result is a full length course, divided up into digestible nuggets, with short videos, articles, lessons, self-graded tests (multiple choice, T-F, and fill in the blank questions), all accessible worldwide, on-line, and for free!

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The content of this free course shows beyond cavil that what goes for the Lord’s Supper in contemporary churches is merely a pale memory of what in New Testament times was a living, vital, central part of Christian faith and practice.

Originally, it was a complete banquet, celebrated joyously not somberly, eaten weekly, in a normal family atmosphere. It was eaten in the home, not in church buildings. It focused on the glorious future of the Kingdom, not on the sad events of Good Friday.

This course has additional material that relates the Lord’s Supper as a sign of the New Covenant to the signs and covenants of the Hebrew Scriptures. It has church history in it. It talks about how the Lord’s Supper meal was a way to show compassion and charity to the poor of the flock. It shows how the Lord’s Supper was a time of fellowship. The course covers briefly some of the Reformation controversies, but it has more than mere history and doctrine, it also emphasizes much the practical aspects of how to do the Lord’s Supper biblically, rather than the traditional sip and chip.

To take the course, simply:

1) Go to

2) Click on Login/Student Center in the upper right hand corner.

3) Below the Returning User Login you will see New User? click on Register with IBS.

4) Create your own Username and Password, etc., then for Group Affiliation use the drop-down box and select New Testament Reformation Fellowship.

5) After you login, you’ll be taken to the Student Center.

6) Select the Class Enrollment button. The only course you’ll see there is our course on the Lord’s Supper.

7) Select the Enroll/Drop button. This will take you to the Classrooms section.

Note: There is nothing to "order" from NTRF. Just go straight to the above URL and sign up for this free course!


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