Ch18→ One-on-One Training in Practical Benefits of Early Church Practice for Small-Church Leaders!


Six personalized, one-on-one phone sessions designed to equip church leaders with a thorough understanding of key early church practices given by Jesus.  To begin, download the application, fill it out, and submit it back to us.

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These coaching sessions are designed to equip you with a thorough understanding church practice strategies given by Jesus to the early church, and how to apply them today in your small church.

Six personalized, one-on-one telephone sessions:

Participatory Church Meetings to Stir-Up Love & Good Deeds

Dialogical Teaching to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Celebrating the Lord's Supper Weekly as an Actual Meal for Unity & Fellowship

Original Decision-Making Practice to Lead Like Jesus

A Strategy of Smaller-Sized Congregations for Effective Disciple Making

Foundational Church Traditions: Practices for Success in Ministry

To prepare for each, you will be asked to thoughtfully view a video, carefully read an article, and be ready to discuss what you learned with your seminar leader. This prior preparation will take the resulting discussion to an advanced level of personalized application to your unique situation.

Time constraints force us to limit our offer to church leaders (pastors, elders, church planters, missionaries, Bible college/seminary professors, seminarians, etc.). So, if you are a church leader, apply today! We’ll reply and begin the process.

  1. Download the application.
  2. Fill it out.
  3. Get it back to us!

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