Ch16→ Free: “Church Practice & New Covenant Theology” (Audio Series + Study Notes)


Why do some churches have priests, sanctuaries and altars? Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath? If we don’t tithe are we robbing God? Why do some baptize babies? Why was there no separation of church and state in Calvin’s Geneva? Why shouldn’t heretics be stoned? Why are some Christians so focused on Israel in prophecy?

It all has to do with a question dating back to the apostolic age → “Is it: The Church and Israel or The Church is Israel?”

Three different answers to this can be found: Covenant Theology (reflected in the Westminster Confession), Dispensational Theology, and New Covenant Theology (reflected in the First London Baptist Confession). One’s answer will have a direct bearing on one’s ecclesiology. This audio series contrasts the three systems, with detailed explanation of the answers given by New Covenant Theology.

Click here to listen our series on New Covenant Theology.  Place an order to get your free PDF Study Notes.



Click here to listen our series on New Covenant Theology, and how it impacts church practice.

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