Elder-led Congregational Consensus, DVD


All believers agree that Christ is the Head of the church.  However, disagreement begins once the organizational flow chart flows down from Christ!  Where does it go?  

What is the most biblical form of church government?

In this video, we argue for elder-led congregational consensus.  To paraphrase Churchill, "Consensus is the worst form of government there is, except for all other forms of government."

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There are as many forms of church government as there are national government: *Dictatorship (by a pope, bishop or pastor) *Democracy (congregational majority rule) *Republic (a ruling presbytery). But what form of church polity do we find in the New Testament? Arguably, none of the above! In this intriguing video, we attempt to prove that the New Testament form of church government is elder-led congregational consensus, and that it works best in the New Testament setting: house churches! Run time: 75 minutes. To order an actual DVD, click the green "ADD TO CART" button. To watch this video over the net, simply click here.


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