NT06→ Discussion Guide: “Romans” PDF zip + Audio (Dialogical Q & A Format)




Why is Romans so important? The book of Romans is a primary source document for what Christianity is supposed to look like: What do Christians believe about sin?  What do Christians believe about salvation? What do Christians believe about Jesus? What kind of lives do Christians live? What behind-the-scenes role does God play in someone’s salvation? What is God’s plan for Israel? What is the purpose of spiritual gifts? What is the believer’s obligation toward the government?

This 34-session PDF teaching/discussion guide is designed to help you lead a small-group discussion of the book of Romans. There are thought provoking questions on each passage to e-mail out weekly before the gathering. To help you understand the passage, there is a teacher’s version with answers to all the questions, original language word studies, insightful commentary, illustrations and suggested applications. Everything is geared toward a 45-minute session.

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