Ch15→ “How to Lead Bible Discussions” PDF + mp3 (Interactive Q&A Format)


In large crowds, Jesus preached. However, in smaller settings, Jesus taught by constantly asking questions. Why was this? Arguably, the best way to cause people to learn is to get them involved in a discussion. Consider adopting Jesus’ discussion method when teaching your small church! Learning will sky-rocket. Critical thinking skills will be developed (click here to read our article on Dialogical Teaching).

In this workshop, you will lean how to get people to interact with the Scriptures and discover truth for themselves, how to craft good questions, how to handle wrong answers without embarrassment, how to keep the discussion on track, and how to deal with common problems (Catty Cathy, Contentious Carl, Mute Mike, Sidetrack Sid, Mr. Know-It-All, etc.).

This hands-on, one-session workshop includes mp3, teacher’s notes, and student handout.

Here’s the link to the mp3.  Place an order download the two PDFs (teacher’s guide & student handout).


In Troas, Paul spoke all night. The underlying Greek word is dialegomai (transliterated “dialogue”). The lexicons say it means to discuss. Paul, an apostle, taught the church via the discussion method.  You can learn how to do this yourself through our workshop.

This hands-on, one-session workshop includes mp3, teacher's notes, and student handout.

Here's the link to the mp3.  Place an order to get the downloadable PDF teacher's notes and student handout.

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