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Discussion Guides & Other Resources

Our goal in creating each Discussion Guide & Commentary is to help you lead a discussion of selected books of the Bible or Biblical topics.

There are thought-provoking Question Sheets for the various lessons within each series. The idea is to e-mail them out to your class each week in advance as a study guide. Encourage everyone to print off his copy and bring it to the discussion to take notes on.

There are teacher’s Discussion Guides with the answers to all the questions! They include Greek word studies, relevant historical data, commentary, theological insights, life applications dawn from the passage, illustrations, etc. Selecting the green “Teach” button will automatically download a PDF zip file of the Discussion Guides and Question Sheets.

For many of these series you can also Listen to each lesson being taught using the actual Teacher’s Discussion Guide. Click the green “Listen” button you will be taken to NTRF’s Sermon Audio page.

A few lessons even come with Power Points that you can use! They will be downloaded when you select the Power Point option.

Hebrews - General Teaching Discussion Guide
1 john - General Teaching Discussion Guide
1 John
Revelation - General Teaching Discussion Guide
Biblical Family Life Family Relationships - General Teaching Discussion Guide
Biblical Family Life
How To Lead A Bible Discussion - General Teaching Discussion Guide
How To Lead A Bible Discussion
How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth - General Teaching Discussion Guide
How To Read The Bible For All It's Worth
Prophecy - General Teaching Discussion Guide


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