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Four early church practices can help your church grow in love, unity, and community.

We help pastors discover these timeless strategies.

Small churches can have a big impact by using strategies Jesus Himself gave the early church. We help pastors understand these strategies. Proven, practical, biblical ideas drawn directly from the New Testament to grow your church both spiritually and numerically. Pure Scripture, no gimmicks. 30 years of experience.

Great stuff . . . we implemented this in our gatherings about a year and a half ago (sharpened the practice after reading NT Church Dynamics) and it’s done everything you’ve said… richer fellowship gatherings, closer relationships, increased anticipation of The Lord’s coming, etc…. Thanks for your resources!  —Adam Staub, pastor, PA

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Timeless help for your church from the early church.

  • Communion Strategy for Unity, Community
  • Worship Strategy to Encourage, Edify, Stir Up Love
  • Consensus Strategy for Christlike Shepherding
  • Size Strategy (Small) for Effective Disciple Making
  • Timeless Traditions for Success in Ministry