Hope for your small church to thrive!

Help for bi-vocational, house church,

and small-church pastors drawn

from early church practice.

Great stuff . . . we implemented this in our gatherings about a year and a half ago (sharpened the practice after reading NT Church Dynamics) and it’s done everything you’ve said… richer fellowship gatherings, closer relationships, increased anticipation of The Lord’s coming, etc…. Thanks for your resources!  —Adam Staub, pastor, PA

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You can shepherd more effectively as a bi-vocational pastor in the context of small-church practices given by Jesus Himself. We help church leaders understand His original plans.  Proven, practical, biblical ideas drawn directly from the New Testament to grow your church both spiritually and numerically. Pure Scripture. No gimmicks. 30 years’ bi-vocational experience.

You’ve tried everything else, why not try the best—the way Jesus and the apostles set up church? Frank Sinatra crooned, “I did it my way.”  You can, too, or you can do it Jesus’ way. The choice is yours to make.